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Little Stix Lacrosse Reviews

“My daughter has been doing Little Stix for over 6 months now and loves it. Coach Mark and Coach Steve have really got her ready for playing in our town this Spring. We are also very happy that our youngest started this Winter as well. She still needs some practice but loves lacrosse too.”

– Jacqui R.

“The coaches worked so beautifully with everyone and I loved their age-appropriate training methods. Couldn’t be happier!”

– Heidi E.

”Wow! What a great first lacrosse experience this was! Coach Steve was exactly what you would want for a group of 6/7 year olds…energetic, fun but also provided structure so they learn the basics of lacrosse. My daughter loved it and I’m excited to play again in the Fall.”

– Heather C.

“Little Stix Lacrosse was a great to expose my son and other 4-5 year old children to the game of lacrosse in a fashion that was developmentally appropriate. I saw progress week to week and the essential skills of the game were established. As a lacrosse coach, I appreciated the patience of the Little Stix coaches and the accountability they maintained through drills and activities. My son had fun, but he also learned the proper way to carry his stick in both hands, scoop ground balls, and socially interact with other young athletes. Little Stix is a great place to start your lacrosse career.”

– A.F.

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Home based, mobile business model makes for an easy transition into Little Stix Lacrosse franchise ownership, without the hassle or expense of a storefront.

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The Little Stix Lacrosse program/classes take place in the parks and athletic fields within your own community, offering great visibility for your youth sports franchise business, while providing a great experience for your neighbors and their families.

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In addition to athletic skills, your Little Stix Lacrosse business will help build character in young players by way of good sportsmanship, teamwork, encouragement and the power of positive thinking.